Checklist for reviewing your function

  1. What are the objectives of my department or function?
  2. Is there any planing? Check whether it can be achieved.
  3. What are the ways of improvement of my department?
  4. Right equipment and facilities.
  5. Right number of staff.
  6. Are your subordinates correctly placed and loaded?
  7. Is there any training plan?
  8. Do I spend enough time with my staff?
  9. Have I trained my deputy?
  10. Am I satisfied personally?
  11. Is the relationship with my senior manager satisfactory?
  12. Give credit to your team for their success.

How to choose a project?

Choosing a project is an important step for any start up company. The project owner should check the following points essentially.

  • Find out the probability of success with the best consultants and experts who have hands on experience in the related field.
  • Explore the effect on development and design resources.
  • Study the time to first sales.
  • Predict the possible effects upon production resources.
  • Estimate the new capital investment required.
  • Discuss with your team upon sales and maintainence resoures.
  • Justify your turnover.
  • Examine the profitability.
  • Check the compatibility with the company and its long term plans.
  • Study the competitive situtation and market demand.


High wages with low productivity – Charity

Low wages with high productivity – Exploitation

Low wages with low productivity – Suicide

High wages with high productivity – Progress

Management Thoughts!!

Productivity is the measure of converting resources into profit.

Productivity needs to be cultivated and encouraged through hard work, a supportive corporate culture and an appropriate management outlook and style.

Activity list of a Manager

  1. Visiting customers
  2. Visiting suppliers
  3. Queries from staff over technical matters
  4. Customer complaints
  5. Planning and control work
  6. Training
  7. Supervision
  8. Reading mails
  9. Chasing overdue accounts
  10. Checking stocks and reordering
  11. Attending Management meetings
  12. Recruiting
  13. Handling staff problems
  14. Interpersonal skill

Checklist for a purchase manager to select a good supplier

2After-sales service or availability of spare parts
3Previous good experience of the product
4Proximity of supplier
5Security of supply
6General reputation of supplier
7The volume of other goods purchased from the same supplier
8Good personal relationship with salesman and technical staff of the supplier

Vendor Validation Procedure for an automatic a powder coat plant

  1. Initial response to the enquiry
  2. Cooperation during technical negotiations
  3. Commitment to technical meetings and discussions
  4. Technical representation
  5. Managerial competency of the sales person
  6. Support to technical visits for vendor evaluation
  7. Responses to technical queries
  8. Infrastructure
  9. Design team
  10. Conveyor loop
  11. Space occupied by powder coat curing oven
  12. Tanks and tunnels fabrication
  13. Provision for under volume production
  14. Heat exchanger
  15. Oven type
  16. Conveyor system
  17. Conveyor length
  18. Conveyor speed
  19. Conveyor guard
  20. Maximum height of the conveyor
  21. Minimum height of the conveyor
  22. Conveyor pitch
  23. Water flow calculation and management
  24. System compatibility with spray type Nanocoating pretreatment
  25. Selection of appropriate nozzles for spray nano pretreatment
  26. Compressors
  27. Gas burner
  28. Gas alarming system monitor
  29. Enclosure in with forced cooling after water dry oven
  30. Enclosure for powder coat booth with temperature and air regulation