Powder coating standards

For finishes made with Polyester epoxy powder coat on nano-treated mild steel components. All tests are conducted on panels as recommended in ASTM standards.

# Tests Parameters Test Methods
  Colour L*a*b readings of less than 0.3 under cool white light to RAL Shades Ref. RAL Shade cards
Gloss 60 +/- 10 at 60o at 1.5 mil ASTM D523
Hardness No film cut while gouging with a mechanical pencil using a 2H lead ASTM D3363
Adhesion or cross hatch test No loss of adhesion Class 5B ASTM D3359
Flexibility No cracking or peeling at 1/8” Conical Mandrel ASTM D522
Chemical and Stain Resistance Five drops of each reagent under a watch glass for 4 hours. There shall be no more than a trace of stain. Change in gloss shall not exceed standard. Reagents used: IPA, Nail polish remover, fizzy drinks like coke, Mustard, Tea, Coffee, 5% acetone ASTM D1308
Impact Resistance No peeling or loss of adhesion using adhesion tape. ASTM D2794
Salt Spray Resistance Min. 400 hours, no creeping corrosion ASTM B117
Humidity Resistance No blistering after 200 hours ASTM D2247
  Abrasion Resistance 0.3 g – 0.4 g material loss after 100 cycles of Tabor Abrader ASTM D4060
  Oven Bake Resistance Within the specification of colour, gloss, hardness and adhesion after double bake of one panel ASTM D2454
  UV Resistance Minimal change in colour or gloss after 60 hours using QUV-A bulbs Ref. QUV Weatherometer manual