Small lab set up for liquid paint testing

A small laboratory set up is required for any paint shop floor. By testing the liquid paints one can reduce rejections to the maximum level.

A table with granite top is ideal for paint testing.

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Glass plates are need for testing the flow of any liquid paint.

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Set of graduated glass beakers

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Palette knives for opening and mixing liquid paints. Make sure that they are made of stainless steel.

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One can also use polypropylene measuring cups. Make sure the solvent does not affect the cup.

Image result for polypropylene conical plastic measuring cups

Measuring jars

Image result for 500 ml glass measuring  cylinder

Hydrometer to mesure specific gravity of paints and thinners

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Viscosity measuring Ford cup B4

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Image result for zeal thermometer

Whatman filter paper

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A stop clock

Image result for laboratory stop watch

Graduated polypropylene mugs

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Laboratory hot air oven

Image result for stoving oven

Watch glass

Image result for watch glass

Glass test tubes

Image result for glass test tubes

Weighing scale

Image result for weighing scale

Universal pH paper indicator

Image result for universal ph paper

Glass rods

Image result for glass rods

Testing panels 6″ x 3″ x 0.5 mm -1mm

Image result for 3' x 6" mild steel testing panel

Wet film thickness gauge

Image result for wet film thickness gauge

Elcometer (dry film thickness gauge)

Image result for dry film thickness gauge

Conical mandrel for bend test

Impact resistance tester

Image result for impact resistance test

Magnifying lens to check surface defects of coatings

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Specific gravity cups

Image result for specific gravity cup

Paint opacity checking card

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Cross hatch cellotape

Image result for crosshatch tape

Cross hatch cutting tool

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Pencil hardness tester

Image result for pencil hardness test

Paint resistivity meter

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