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Turn-key projects

  • Powder coating with metal pretreatment, integration and automatic paint powder booth with conveyorized plant integration
  • Nano coating – Tank installation and formulation, trouble shooting
  • Paint manufacturing – Enamel paints, lacquers, industrial paints, wall paints
  • Paints – trouble shooting and quality inspection
  • Pigments, resins and solvents – standardization
  • Corporate training software and presentations
  • ISO consultancy and obtaining certificate
  • IPR consultancy and applying for Patents, Trade Mark and Copyright
  • Third party coating inspection

Corporate Training

Employees and entrepreneurs are encouraged to undergo classroom / online training in the following. Classes are sheduled on appointment basis only. For your training requirements, please send  your details in whatsapp to our Corporate trainer and consultant, Cell no. 9444929163.

Industrial Training Modules

Course ID Course Title Duration (hours)
C01 Powder coating for job coaters 6
C02 Powder coating testing methods 6
C03 Paint flaws and remedies 6
C04 Phosphate coating 6
C05 Nano coating 6
C06 3 in 1 Metal cleaning 6
C07 Paint stripping methods 6
C08 Thinner testing methods 6
C09 Liquid paint testing methods 6
C10 Pigment testing methods 6
C11 Resin testing methods 6
C12 Nano Data Analysis – AFM, FESEM, XPS, XRD 6
C13 Science / Engineering Projects 12
C14 Patent search 6
C15 Introduction to paint manufacture 6
C16 Air drying enamel paints 6
C17 Stoving enamel paints 6
C18 Emulsion paints for buildings 6
C19 Wood lacquers 6
C20 Polyurethane paints 6
C21 Air drying and NC putty paints 6
C22 Polish and rubbing compounds 6


Clients and Contacts

  • Wittur Elevator Components India Ltd
  • Vitracoat Ltd, Mexico
  • Vitraquim Lubrication Oil Ltd, Brazil
  • Madras Flourine Pvt Ltd, Chennai
  • Indian Oil Corporation – Drum factory
  • Chennai Petrochemicals Ltd, Manali, Chennai
  • TAFE Powder Coating Vendors
  • Wagner
  • Gema
  • Nordson
  • Prism
  • Leo surface coatings
  • Envirocare
  • Super Gas
  • Chennai LPG
  • Electrocoat
  • Henkel chemicals
  • Jotun paints
  • Asian PPG

Research Publications

List of Research Publications and Patents

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