Online Training Steps for Formulations

  1. Introduction about the product – 60 minutes
  2. Formulation Details of the product – 60 minutes
  3. Process Details of the product – 60 minutes
  4. Trouble shooting in the product – 60 minutes

Disclaimer: Quality of the product depends on the quality of raw materials used in the formula. The consultant is not responsible if the quality of the product goes wrong because of faulty procedure, inferior or incompatible raw materials used or replaced. These formulations should be treated as guidelines only. The clients are requested to develop their skill with different trials with the formula guidelines. The consultant will try his maximum capacity to find the solution for the technical issues encountered by the client. However, the client should understand that all these trials are conducted at their own risk. They should be familiar with the chemical hazards, fire hazards, pollution control and any other local statutory compliance regulations.