List of products


Product Description Application Remarks
ER001 Pure zirconic acid in powder form Nano zirconia metal pretreatment
ER002 Nano zinc powder Metal pretretament, drugs, insecticides, antifouling paints
ER003 Nano copper powder Metal pretretament, drugs, insecticides, antifouling paints
ER004 Nano copper oxide Metal pretretament, drugs, insecticides, antifouling paints
ER005 Nano zinc based anticorrosive epoxy based spot welding primer Metal pretreatment and finishing
ER006 Alkaline degreaser Metal pretreatment
ER007 3 in 1 solution – degreasing, derusting and mild phosphating chemical Metal pretreatment
ER008 Paint varnish lacquer remover Paint shop and garages
ER009 Zinc phosphating solution Metal pretreatment
ER010 Nano zirconia coating chemical Metal pretreatment
ER011 Epoxy based spot welding primer Automotives and sheet metal industries
ER012 High impact pollystyrene coatings Elecrtonic plastic cabinets
ER013 Acrylic glue Labels on oil containers, tins and packaging industries
ER014 Acrylic emulsion paint Wall paints
ER015 Polyurethane clear coat for brass and copper Metal crafts, antiques, monuments, electronic industries
ER016 Polyurethane clear coat on wood Wooden industries
ER017 Sanding sealer for wood Wooden industries
ER018 Mealminised clear coat for wood Wooden industries
ER019 Etch primer for aluminium Aluminium fabrications
ER020 Nanoetch primer for aluminium Aluminium fabrications, electronic components
ER021 Polyurethane pearlascent coating Plastic, wood, metal fabrications and designing
ER022 Amine cured epoxy primer Automtoives
ER023 Amide cured epoxy paint Automorives